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Bokura ga Ita chapter 64 summary/translation

I'm not sure if this is worth doing, since there are scanlation groups out there that are working on speedy releases but here goes...
I found raws for this chapter on Billwang!

Cover: Yano and Nanami together eating donuts (the sweet time we long for...)
Chapter 63 ended with Yano hugging Nanami...
This chapter starts off with the hug..

Yano pulls away: I always believe in the things you say. This fact alone hasn't changed in the past 5 years.
N: what?
Y: you said the other day
Y: that I'll "be fine"
Y: hey, did you know?
Y: you are my compass
Yano's thoughts: How was I ever able to forget?
Since when have I been able to forget?
     She was always there
     She was always teaching me valuable emotions
     These emotions that are so precious
     so precious
     emotions I don't want to ruin
When was it?

scene switches to the past: Yano is at his bar, Yuri's pretty friend (I forget her name) enters the bar in a hurry
friend: I'm sorry, this is really sudden. but um...Yuri's mother collapsed and the ambulance took her
F: She's in the intensive care unit...

at the hospital (Yano and friend rushed there)
F: Yuri chan, are you ok?
Yuri: is mother...going to die?
images of Nana and his mother pass through Yano's mind
Yuri: is she going to die?
Y: it's going to be ok. I'll stay with you, don't worry
Yano's thoughts: since that day
in place of mother
in place of Nana
to escape from my sins
to atone for them
and to forgive myself
I'm an idiot. the truth is
all you said was (image of Nanami)
the words I've been desperate to hear
this whole time
this whole time

back to present: Yuri is standing beside her mother's bed, crying
Yano: did you call your dad?
Yuri: he said he'd rush for the last flight of the day
but who knows if he'll make it
I've been thinking back on mother's life
and when I think that she's been living only to die like this made me a little sad
but even at a time like this, I can't find the words to say to her
...poor woman
Yano:: then why don't you complain to her?
Yuri: what?
Yano: why not? this is the end
Why don't you say whatever it is you've been wanting to say?
Yuri: I don't really have anything
Yano: yeah? really?
If I were this lady's daughter, I bet I'd have a mountain of shit to say to her~
Yuri: then you go ahead
Yano: huh? (that's embarrassing) I can?
Yuri thinks: idiot
Yano: well then (cough)
sorry at a time like this, but you suck
your eldest daughter gets in some idiot guy's car and dies
your husband finds another woman and leaves you
your second daughter doesn't even want to speak with you
what the hell?
was your parenting messed up?
did you not love them enough?
reap what you sow?
the truth is, your love of yourself is stronger than anybody's
so you couldn't forgive you imperfect self, right?
because you can only love in such a warped manner
and your daughter's just like you
even at a time like this
she has trouble communicating
can you forgive her?
forgive her
your turn
I don't want you to have to go through what I did

Yuri reaches for her mother's hand
Yuri: ...her hand
Yano: what?
Yuri: no way...just now...she squeezed back
Yuri's thoughts: she's alive
this woman is alive and right now
she is seeking love
Yuri: mother...
don't give up
...Father will be here very soon
she is awkward
like me
I'm sorry
that I'm so bad at loving

Yuri's father finally arrives, and Yano steps out of the hospital room
Yano's thoughts:
for a long time
I've been searching for the answer
what was my mistake
where did I go wrong
I'll probably never know
but for the rest of my life
for the rest of my life
I'll live carrying these thoughts with me
"I'm sorry
I couldn't make you happy"

after the funeral (all you see is Yano, Yuri, Yuri's dad in black clothing)
Yano: you're not going home with your dad?
Yuri: we've made plans to have dinner at the hotel later
Yuri: it's warm, can we take a walk?
Yano: yeah, it suddenly feels like spring
Yuri: he said, "it was probably just a muscle contraction response"
Yano: hm?
Yuri: you know, when she squeezed my hand back
Yuri: the physician said..."it happens pretty often"
Yuri and Yano: ..........................
Yuri: but I don't really care what it was
Yuri: regardless of whether that's true or false, because of the muscle contraction
Yuri: I was able to tell her how I felt
Yuri: people get hung up on the silliest things
Yuri: but you often don't realize it until you let go of silly hangups
Yuri: I realize that....that's one way to learn
Yano: I'm sorry. I've been using you for the past 3 years
Yuri: you and me both
Yuri: you were with me to atone for your wrongs
I knew it
and I took advantage of that
it's not your fault
you are too pure - I don't deserve you
that's what my sister said
"I wouldn't put it past Moto to kill Kagawa"
"and Kagawa's an idiot, so he's likely to kill Moto too"
"I have to go tell him 'don't go after Moto'"
"I'm going to go break up with Kagawa properly"
that's what she said that day before she got into his car
Yano: why...are you tell me this now? such a...
Yano: such a..."good" story
Yuri: I'm sorry. I tried to tell you that summer
Yuri: but you were I never did
Yano: oh yeah...haha...really
Yuri: your feelings weren't lost. Everybody understands
my sister...probably your mother too
so be confident. don't think that you didn't love properly
keep living the way you do (Yuri's thoughts)
Thank you!!
"Thank you" (image of Yano's mother and Nana)
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

I love you
Thank you

phew, that's some major therapy going on. A very uplifting chapter - you kind of forgive Yuri for being such a horrible bitch earlier. It makes you realize that everybody is flawed, but trying their best (aka Yuri and her crazy mother) and it's true what she said about hang ups - you don't realize how ridiculous they are until you get over them. The end is soon, my friends!


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