Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bokura ga Ita chapter 61

so I originally thought about doing a translation for Chapter 61, raws of which can be found on billwang. But after reading the chapter I got so annoyed, I don't feel like translating it anymore. I can pretty much sum up the whole chapter in 3 sentences anyway...BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENED, just like NOTHING HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR THE PAST 10 CHAPTERS.
ok here's what happened...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke chapter 51 summary/translation

Again, here is a translation of chapter 51, this time taken from this blog: No images, unfortunately, but it's a super cute chapter and I can't wait to see raws!

EDIT: Rayweny kindly forwarded me raws... (Chinese)

It's summer vacation, hence summer classes...
Ever since the festival, Sawako is more comfortable with her classmates and is able to smoothly greet them, which makes her very happy.
When she sees Kazehaya, they both blush and greet each other, "good morning"
He asks her if the seat beside her is open, and sits down. Girls from other classes peek into their classroom and see the two of them together and whisper, "so they really are dating". Ayane overhears them and thinks to herself, "Sawako, they think you look like boyfriend and girlfriend!"
Kazehaya is done for the day because he's not taking the Modern Civilizations class, but Ayane and Sawako are, so they have one more class to go.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kiss and Never Cry

This manga is probably not so under-the-radar, and I say this because it is written by Ogawa Yayoi, the author of Kimi wa Pet (a.k.a. Tramps like us). Again, Ogawa brings us a great, well written, well drawn manga, but I can't imagine that it's very popular, since no matter where I look, raws for this manga are only available up to v3, and scanlations are available up to v2 c8. Fear not fans who have an eye for high-caliber manga - Evil Flowers is resuming scanlations from c9!

Kuroki Michiru is a beautiful, young, extremely talented figure skater who has recently made the switch from competitive single's skating to pairs ice dancing. Over the course of the first 3 volumes, the readers slowly discover that in addition to being sexually abused by her step father,