Friday, March 25, 2011

Kinou Nani Tabeta?

I read きのう何食べた? by よしながふみ yesterday and it was pretty good. The descriptions of cooking can get kind of long if you're looking for story, but if you like to cook Japanese food and are looking for recipes, this manga can supply just that.

The story is about Kakei Shirou, a 40+ year old, very good looking and fit lawyer. He also turns out to be gay, and is pretty out-of-the-closet about it, except at work.
At work, he is good at his job but refuses to stay late, and goes home every day at 6pm so he can cook. He cooks to relax (he is a bit high-strung) but also derives great pleasure from finding good deals at grocery stores and meticulously keeps track of his monthly grocery expenses (which he splits with his boyfriend and roommate). So the main character is this funny mixture of being handsome and manly but fussy like a housewife, stingy, self-absorbed yet considerate of his bf...
His bf is an effeminate hairdresser that isn't Kakei's usual type (he likes stoic, distinguished looking guys), being gentle, sweet, and emotional, but they get along very well and maintain a cute relationship (Kakei does all the cooking). Kakei's co-workers and his parents (who are accepting of his sexuality but a little uncomfortable and also sad that they won't have any grandkids) also come into the story. Each chapter kind of stands alone, and I think you get a good snapshot of day-to-day average Japanese life (although I'm sure the cooking is a lot better/more elaborate than average), so if  you're looking for a  manga that's not explosive fireworks and drama and smut, but chilled out, everyday normal life, then you can download this manga at Michex (I think you have to be registered).

btw, I used one of the recipes already and it turned out yummy!

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