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Kimi ni Todoke chapter 57 summary/translation

Thanks to talia for the link to the raws!

oooh this chapter is exciting~~~~~
cover: 3rd day of the class trip...every moment, every second is fun and turns into a precious memory.

C: k- kiss~~~~?!
A: jeez..
C: she said kiss!!

A: you asked me how it went..
C: you know I thought you were gone a while!
A: so I'm just telling you. (you told me to report everything)
C: I knew it! Didn't I tell you? (to Sawako)
A: calm down!
C: you'd been gone a while so I was getting worried~!! right Sawa!
S: y- yeah
C: I thought maybe you'd been caught by Pin or something
A: I mean, yeah I saw Pin....but I was still within the curfew so..
C: phew~~~ lucky!

S: so adult~! (staring at Ayane)
Ayane turns to Sawako
S: gya!
A: (come on) what..!
S: um, nothing
A: just to let you know!
A: Sawako!
A: you'll be doing the same too!
S: what? I won't!
C: (what?) you're not?!
A: you will!
S: I will?
A: you definitely will!
S: I willlllllll?!?!
A: maybe you won't!!
S: I won't~~~?!?!
C: jeez, which is it!
   Kazehaya in his room is sneezing
   R: Shouta, do you have a cold?
   K: I dunno!
S: will my heart explode...?
A:, it won't
C: aww, lucky! no fair!
A: what were you and Sawako doing? did you go to Ryuu and Kazehaya's room?
C: what?! of course not!! (we were hanging out with the girls!!)
A: what, you should've gone!!
that night Sawako has a dream where Kazehaya kissed her
wakes up in the middle of the night..
S: i - it was just a dream!!! (gyaaa)
A&C: mmmm what's going on~~ shut up~~~

next day::
ok, look over here please-- ok, cheese!
What do you want to do for our activity?!
Wah-- what should we do!!
so hard to decide!!
Oh, I got it, we should all say what we want to do at once so we're not holding back for anybody
guys: the girls look like they're having fun.
yeah even Sadako..
girls: ready-- go
A&C: sanshin!! (3 stringed instrument)
S: Etsuke! (painting ceramics)
C: ok, Sawako's doing etsuke~
A: ok, we're doing sanshin~~~
S: whaaat!!
S: nevermind, I want to do sanshin too...!
A: no, Sawako, you should do etsuke of your shiisaa. You've come all the way to Okinawa, you should do what you want to do
S: but I want to have fun with everybody!!
A: Sawako, you should have fun with that (point to Kazehaya)
S: n- no I can't!
K: what?
C: she said she can't (haha, poor guy)
S: no, I mean, not that I can't but!

Kazehaya and Sawako do etsuke together
I - I'll be reminded of my dream!!!
K: I remember you told my dad you liked to draw. Do you draw a lot?
S: (thinks) my dream is too stimulating..!
S: no, it's just a hobby and I'm actually no good
K: no way! i wanna see!!
K: Maybe I'll have you draw me!
K: did you decide what you're going to get as presents for your parents?
S: y..yup!
S: I'm going to get my mother some yukishio (salt) and maybe if I see something cute..
S: and I was thinking a hawaiian shirt for my father...
K: yeah, that suits him!!
S: it would suit your father too...what do you think for a gift?
S: he would look good in a hibiscus print...
K: it would suit him almost too much...maybe I'll buy him a hawaiian shirt too to match your dad's...
K: mine's done. it's a little sloppy. It's revealing of my character
S: can I see?!
It's good!
K: what about yours? You seem like you'd be good at it
S: it turned out looking like Arai-sensei
    Arai-sensei is sampling a bunch of different alcohols
    A: I wonder if we could leave him Okinawa...
S: it's really ok for me to have this? (Kazehaya's painted ceramic shiisaa)
K: yeah! I got yours too!
S:'s ok that I give that to you...? (or rather pushing it onto you...?)
K: I'm glad to have it!! (ahaha) I'll put it on my shelf!!
K: it's a good memory!!
K: oh!
S: omikuji!! (fortune)
K&S: daikichi!! (best luck)
K: wow! that's great!!
K: I got chuukichi (medium luck)! let's see "you will be released from your suffering and head towards better fortune". ahaha I wonder if that's true.
K: romance: your worries will eventually be resolved. develop your love. ...that's what it says!
your love
on Sawako's fortune: romance: choose a person you respect, profess your love, there is hope
...I wonder when it happened...
K: oh yours says "advancing to college: your hopes will be realized; work hard"
the distance between us 
in the summer was enough to fit another person
now has shrunk so that when we move we bump into each other
C: oh they're here! Sawa--!
K: where's Ryuu and the others?
C: they're by the goats over there
K: oh, I think I'll go see them!
C: got it!
S: goat milk??
C: mm it's a little more pungent than cow's milk! it's what Heidi drank!
girl: Y- Yoshida-san!
C: ...huh?
girl: w...what are your feelings towards Sanada-kun?
....a girl from class C...!
oh, the one who confessed to Sanada-kun...!!
C: .....what do you mean? just come out and say it
C: you're being vague about what you're after and you're asking me some bogus question?
C: I don't understand. what are you trying to say?
A: C- Chizu is in war mode! (there's an animal in her!)
girl: ...I confessed to him
C: and?
girl: ...he turned me down
C: and?
girl: (gyaaa it's cut off and I can't read it, but I think she asked Ryuu if he likes somebody else)
girl: and he said "yes". and I wondered if maybe the person he likes is Yoshida-san since you're always together
C: AND? and if that's the case, then what?
C: what? bringing all your girlfriends. you're asking me this and what do you plan to do about it?!
C: what kind of response from me would satisfy you?!
A: hey hey hey Chizu
girl: that's horrible...I just thought if you don't have feelings for Sanada-kun, that spending so much time together is...
C: that's none of your business! it's not your place at all!!
girl: u - uwaaaa~~~~ (runs off)
her friends: S- Sae--!!! (so horrible!!)
A: Ch...Chizu....
Joe: oh~~~ what's going on~~~
C: beat it!!
J: what! did I do something?! did I do something wrong?!

A: alright-- I've got him waiting for me, so I'm off
C: have fun
A: sorry-- I'll be back in time
C: ...sorry, Sawa. Is it ok if I go ahead too
S: oh, yeah!
C: I'm a little hot, I think I'll go sit outside. take your time drying your hair (don't worry. the dryer in our room takes forever!!)
S: yup!

Kento: oh. Ayane-cha--n! what's up? meeting somebody?
A: yeah
K: lucky - it makes me want a girlfriend too
A: you have so many. looks like you're having fun.
K: like I said, I'm not talking about friends! I want a girlfriend!
K: what's Mogicchi like? what do you guys always talk about?
A: what do we talk about...?
A: ....why would I tell you
K: uh oh, you saw through me!?
K: I'm happy for you!
Mogi: Yano-san!
A: did you wait?
M: mmm?
A: what about your friends? you're ok?
M: yup
he tries to kiss her. Ayane stops him

Chizu walks outside and runs into Ryuu who is also cooling down.
She turns swiftly around
R: hey. that's not very nice
C: ...I heard you got confessed to! and you refused her?! you didn't want to tell me, huh!
R: it has nothing to do with you, right
C: then don't send them over to me!! take care of it on your end!!
C: she mentioned a bunch of other crap too! that you like somebody?!
R: does it bother you?
C: not especially. It has nothing to do with me. [runs off]

S: I wonder if Ayane-chan and Chizu-chan are back in the room yet--
S: Chizu-chan...seems normal, but she looks a little down...I know, I'll buy shi--kuwa--sa juice (Chizu-chan likes sour things)
S: and Ayane-chan left behind her cell phone. I'm glad I remembered to do a once over before I left--
S: oh! (sees Kazehaya)
K: oh!
S: (wa--h) did you just get out of your bath too?? I'm the last of the girls...(because class B and D were in the latter group to bathe)
S: oh, where's everybody else?
K: huh? oh, no
K: (haha) this isn't a coincidence! I was waiting for you
S: oh
K: but you didn't show up so I thought maybe I'd missed you. I was thinking that I would head back soon!
K: all the guys have already left!
S: what! oh, so I kept you waiting!!
K: no, it's's alright! I--
K: ...just wanted to see you...[sits down]
K:'s all
S: ...ok
I sat down so that when I move
we bump
if I look at his face now
my heart might explode
[last two pages are a close up of them looking at each other (faces very close) and then of their feet turned towards each other]

holy crap. so this is the long awaited kiss that EVERYBODY's been waiting for~~~~~
I think the Chizu/Ryuu interaction was done beautifully, with Chizu getting pissed off at that girl who had the audacity to come up to her and suggest that she put some distance between her and Ryuu. Unbelievable. I really like how all the scenes keep changing back and forth between Kazehaya/Sawako (love), Ryuu/Chizu (figuring stuff out, still awkward), and Ayane/Mogi (Ayane figuring out that she doesn't want to continue dating somebody she doesn't have feelings for).


  1. So my head is about to explode at the awesomeness of this chapter. I realllly hope we get a Sawako/Kazehaya kiss in the next chapter and that Chizu realizes that she likes Ryuu too! I also have a strange feeling that Ayane is going to end up with Kento. Oh man, I don't know how I'm going to make it through another month waiting to see what happens next! Eeep! Thanks so much for the awesome summary!

  2. I'm so glad a summary has FINALLY been done for this chapter! My head is going to explode from the suspense!! xD
    Same, I hope Sawako and Kazehaya kiss, I hope Chizu and Ryuu get together and, strangely, I think Ayane will end up with Arai O.o Purely because at the end of the first season of the anime, they were walking together. :D x

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  5. thank you so much for your knt summaries! :D
    this chapter was awesome! it makes me think that something BIG is going to happen in the next chapter. a kiss or a confession maybe! can't wait for chapter 58 :)

  6. Many thanks for the translation. Whoa! Things are getting exciting especially on the Ryu/Chizu front. I'm looking forward to that. Ryu is a guy after my own heart. That's exactly how I would have responded to Chizu as well. Heh.

    I absolutely love this Shouta/Sawako development and I hope Karuho-sensei will deliver something awesome next chapter. :D Then again, I'm always smitten by "anything" these two do in their interactions.

    I like Ayane a lot so I hope that she will put an end to this relationship with Motoki. She doesn't seem to have any feelings for him and he only seem to want to relate to her on a physical level.

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  9. @Vividpixie, I see what you mean about Ayane/Kento. Perhaps that's where Karuho-sensei is headed. I've never really shipped Ayane with anyone particularly because it was never entirely clear that she has a romantic interest.

    However, since she admitted to Sawako and Chizu that she's never confessed to anyone, my interest has been somewhat piqued. I think it would be nice for her to experience a romantic challenge that would make her want to confess. Kento, however, doesn't fit that bill to me. He and Ayane's approach to dating is so casual that I can't see any challenge arising there. The way Kento approaches her right now is pretty much the same as the other guys in her past did. They ask her to date them and she just casually agrees. I think she needs a stimulating challenge but I don't know if Karuho-sensei would take it there because I guess it would take developing. The easiest way out, I suppose, would be to just pair her with Kento since he's always there (they are in the same class) and they already have that casual rapport.

    However, I'm content with simply liking Ayane's character and I want to see her grow. Relationship-wise, I'm perfectly satisfied with Sawa/Chizu and Ryu/Chizu.

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    Pin poses more of a challenge, so it would be great if she would confess to him but of course, this is all up to the mangaka. If she is planning on ending the series soon, it is pretty much Kento x Ayane but I hope that won't be the case. :(