Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bokura ga Ita chapter 66 summary/translation

Still looking for kimi ni todoke Japanese raws, but in the meantime, here's Bokura ga Ita:

cover page: Yano holding his dog
What do you think of this adorableness? They say she is just like her owner. Yes indeed.

Takeuchi: I'm surprised you were able to find a new apartment so quickly
Yano: no security deposit, no finder's fee either (I jumped on it)
T: seriously? Maybe there was an incident and it's haunted, huh?
Y: there aren't many apartments with cheap pet fees. plus I've never seen a ghost (ok ok, I know you're hungry)
T: that's true...
Y: hey, I'll unload my stuff; you wipe the floors
T: ok ok
T: hey
Y: hmm?
T: did Yamamoto go back home?
Y: yeah
T: what is she doing back there?
Y: who knows? I have no idea. but her Dad's come back home. so maybe like, restarting her family life? something like that?
T: oh...(family life, huh)
Y: being able to restart ...is nice, huh (aw, girl, you were really hungry weren't you note: this is to the dog)
T: so what are you gonna do now?
Y: what do you mean?
T: are you gonna be alone?
Y: hell no, of course not. obviously I'm gonna be all lovey dovey
Y: ....with Rarami (just the two of us <3)
T: hey, you're ok with me just unloading this stuff onto the shelves?
Y: uhhh yeah, whatever
T urgh, why's this so heavy (tweaks his back)
T western books. (crap I really did something to my back)
T: what is this small box?
T opens the box and finds the cell phone strap that's a capsule (matching pair with Nanami)

T: hey Takahashi, that strap...
N: it's a matching set with Yano's...
N: although he said that it's lame so I don't know if he's actually using it

T: the water inside has evaporated...
Y: make sure you arrange everything vertically.
Y: vertical, ok?!!
T: oh ok
T: ...you don't have much stuff do you
Y: yeah. I've gotten rid of everything I don't need
T: ...oh yeah...? (smiling to himself)

T: I'm starving
Y: let's go out to eat
T: are there restaurant's around here?
Y: hey, what about there?
T: there's a sign up
Y: it's Chinese food
T: I don't care what it is
T: as long as I can eat it

T: hurry up and ask me Takahashi's number
Waitress: sorry for the wait. Here are Szechuan pickles and spring rolls
T: there's no need to hold back on my account
Y: I'm not holding back. If I wanted to ask you, I would
Y: anyway. Can you stop using me to get over your own feelings?
Y: for me, whatever occurred between you and Takahashi was between you and Takahashi. What goes on between me and Takahashi is between me and Takahashi.
T: sigh-- I'm envious of you. the way you can just say it so simply like that.
T: you were always there between me and Takahashi. for all 5 years.
waitress brings more food
Y: so why don't you tell me to get lost
T: huh?! of course I can't. I've been wanting to see you all this time too
T: oh god...you're so irritating

Later at Yano's Takeuchi is spending the night
T: hey
Y: hm?
T: you think we'll be visited by a ghost?
Y: of course not
T: I've actually seen one before
T: do you remember Pi-ko?
Y: Pi-ko?
T: yeah we used to have her as a pet..
Y: oh yeah the yellow parrot (the one that fell from the 2nd floor while in her cage and managed to survive...)
T: we had her for 7 years and then she died a peaceful death (I was in my 2nd year of Junior high)
T: I buried her under the azalea in our back yard
T: and then one night in the middle of the night I woke up and found Pi-chan sitting there on top of my blanket
T: I was just staring at her in shock and then she said, "thank you"
Y: .....................oh........................that's a nice dream...
T: it wasn't a dream! (it's true!! aw shit, this is the first time I've ever told anybody too)
Y: I bet the place my mom and I used to live in is known as a haunted place too
T: sorry...that's not what I was trying to get at
Y: Take...I...I'm glad you were always there...
Y: if only I could say so from the bottom of my heart
Y: in reality, it's tough (hahaha)
T: oi
Y: regardless of how things were, these past 5 years you supported Takahashi
Y: I feel like I've been forced to see how much Takahashi's been protected...and supported...and supporting you
Y: why...was it you?
T: ...so....why don't you tell me to get lost?
"Why was it you"
T: I can't sleep
Takeuchi is staring off into space and scared by Rarami jumping on Yano's bed
T: I wouldn't hold back either if it were anybody but you

in the morning:
Y: ....I was paralyzed last night..
T: really? I slept well

T: (maybe Rarami was on top of you?) I should be heading out soon (I have to meet someone in the afternoon)
Y: ah, thanks for sleeping over
T: let me know if something comes up

T: oh
T: you should clean your room periodically (leaves and closes door)
Y: even though I've barely unpacked?

Yano is playing around on his computer. He looks up a number for a publishing company (Nanami's, I'm guessing)
Y: Hey, Rara-tan
Y: do you think I have any right to see Takahashi?

I'm guessing the cryptic message Takeuchi was sending Yano to clean his room is so that he will find the cell phone strap?


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