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Kimi ni Todoke chapter 58 summary/translation

WOWZA~~~~ as you know, last chapter ended on a very exciting note, and this chapter continues on right where it left off : D

thanks to Pat for finding raws: (I hope it's ok for me to share these)
cover: we're just a little bit closer than usual..

Sawako and Kazehaya are sitting quite close to each other
what next
I can't
look away now...

I can feel his body heat
I've never heard such sounds coming from my body before
(referring to loud heartbeats)
there isn't even
a millimeter..
::heads touch::
Kazehaya touches her face
K: ...close your eyes
Sawako closes her eyes...and then Ayane comes down the stairs
K&S: UWAAAA~~~~!!!!
A: ...s- sorry, I forgot my cell phone
S: UM?! y- your cell phone!! I have it. Ayane-san cell phone!!
A: oh, really. sorry for the bother. (Ayane-san?!)
S: oh no no no. not at all. not at all!! here you go!!
A: oh thanks
A: ok then, carry on
Carry on!!!
K: sorry! I think it's almost curfew!!
S: um, yeah
K: ...sorry, Kuronuma!!
K: ...see you tomorrow!
A: don't worry. I won't tell anybody
Ayane-chan hadn't just come...
A: ...sorry Sawako
A: I came at a bad time, didn't I
S: no! no! no, not at all...not at all (blushing furiously)
S: d- did you meet up with Mogi-kun?!
A: ...yeah. then I realized I was missing my cell phone...
S: oh, I see! yeah, of course..right...
I can still feel his touch

Ayane watches Sawako blushing like crazy and thinks back on her time with Mogi
(Ayane is pushing Mogi away gently)
M: ...oh. yeah, sorry
A: ...I'm a little worried about my cell phone, so I think I'll go
M: oh....ok. I'll see you tomorrow during the free time...
A: ---oh...I don't have my cell phone...hmmm I wonder if it's in the changing room (I had it up until I took my bath)
M: what?! oh?! really?! hmm how will we get in touch tomorrow without it...
A: I'll manage somehow

Sawako and Ayane are walking back to their hotel room.
A: ....hmm it's dark
S: oh...
A: oh
(Chizu is sitting in the dark staring out the window)
C: --oh hey...
A: what are you doing in the dark...I'm turning on the light
C: oh....welcome back..
A: ...this is most unusual
C: huh?
A: you're drinking one of this thick sweet drinks....
C: you're right!! (wah!)
A: seriously?
I wonder if I should've been with her
I thought she seemed a little down...
C: no wonder why I felt like I was getting even thirstier
A: wait, you finished it? (you're kidding)
what am I doing. I'm only thinking about myself...
S: ...Chizu-chan
C: hm?
S: here (she hands her the drink she bought for Chizu last chapter)
C: ...thanks
A: ...what's up? did something happen?
C: uh....
"we're spending the free time on the fourth day with our boyfriends"
"what about me?!"
"Chizu, you have Ryuu"
C:, nothing happened

Kazehaya goes back to his room; finds Ryuu out on the porch
K: oh
R: hey
K: here you are. where's Joe and Andy?
R: oh--they said something about going to the girl's room
K: oh
R: what's up
K: ....nothing...what's up with you
R: there's no point in me going so
K: no, I mean - you don't normally drink those sweet drinks
R: .....i thought it was water
K: why would you think that
K: ughhhhhhhhh (flops onto his bed and thinks about Sawako)
K: ....and I was being careful too (thinks to himself). my bindings came loose (lost control)...
[I'm starting to think it was all just a dream]
[did that]
[really happen?]
[but the feeling of his touch still lingers]
how should I face him tomorrow?

boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. this is so very exciting~~~~


  1. ...Damnit! I hate it! they always get interrupted LOL

    But then again, nice chapter. Thanks for the translation :)

  2. GAK!! A-ya-neee!!
    (I did wonder if the forgotten cellphone would become important...DX)

  3. uwaaahhhhh what a cliffy~~~ Thanks for this~~

  4. reading the first few pages, i was like "oh my, oh my, oh my.. will they? will they? kiss?" half the time, i was expecting joe to come out of nowhere yelling "KAZEHAYA!" hehe but no, this time it was ayane who interrupted the lovely scene.
    it was a delightful chapter. sweet ending. everyone's in deep thought about their special someone :) so excited for the next chapter!

    thanks for the summary!

  5. Wooow! thank you very much! this was so exciting! it's a pity Ayane interrupted, but this will lead to more dvelopment later, maybe things will be a little awkward now? D:

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